Monday, February 25, 2008

Reviewing Restaurants - Rim Naam & Oye! Shaava

Hiya there! Am back after hibernation. Dunno why I haven't been writing... just haven't, that's all. I have been pretty preoccupied this month with moving into a new office, setting it up, planning our vacation(Yesss!!), learning french(Oui,Finalement!), gymming and organizing my day around these activities.

Since we moved to the centre of the city- doesnt get more central than 1/2 minute away from Brigade Rd and MG Rd, we seem to be eating out practically every other day. Which obviously translates into more reviews!

Rim Naam- the thai restaurant at the Oberoi. Like on every other review, it scores a clear 5 on location, ambience, food and service. You just can't make a mistake going there. I cant wait to go back. I loved the pad thai and the raw papaya salad (which is a personal favourite). A meal for two without drinks costs about Rs. 1500. Its perfect for that special date!

Oye! Shaava- On Church Street.
This place is practically in our backyard and we have already been there a few times. The Oye part of the name keeps reminding me of the really old MTV countdown show called Oye MTV! (Does anyone even remember that?)Shaava is the more upscale version of Oye! Amritsar which is kitcshy, with humorous loud posters all about the place. I came across another blog that had a review of the same restaurant and echoed my thoughts- Review of Oye! so I am going to be lazy and let you read it there!