Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Learning french

Finally, after many years of wanting, procrastinating and not doing anything about it, .....finally I started the beginner's level at L'Alliance Française de Bangalore (or should it be Bengaluru?) a couple of months ago and at the time of writing this blog, Je peux parler un peu français bien sur!
I had a great couple of months with a nice mixed crowd of folks most of whom were below 25. Definitely made me feel younger, hanging out with this energetic bunch, having tasses de thé et café avec les cinnamon rolls et gâteaux.

Et maintenant, je ne peux pas attendre pour commencer le prochain niveau. Pardonnez mon français, si j'ai fait des erreurs. Et c'est la fin de ma écriture française, pour maintenant!

And so, I am off on vacation tomorrow and hopefully will write a regular travelogue from starting in a couple of days... if I can start relaxing and let go about forgetting to pack trivial stuff like lens solution and toothpaste!