Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This and That

Anan was describing to me, in action, the difference in dancing by "Tamil people" and "Hindi people"... The tamil people dance more of a bharatnatyam/classical style while the Hindi people shake their hips a lot more. How did you get to this conclusion, kiddo? I asked. Exasperated by my duh-ness, she replied: by seeing the TV people mummy! Wonder where she came up with the tamil and hindi people definition??? Definitely not from our home!
She went to school in Madras for a couple of months earlier this year and ran home one afternoon all excited, to tell me- Mummy, two boys in our school spoke only in Tamil to each other, just like the akkas (helpers). I think you put me in a Tamil school, by mistake!
Yesterday afternoon, sipping a cup of nice adrak chai, N and I decided, almost off the cuff, that it was time to move. We are definitely so done with living in the boondocks! We are off to join civilisation in Bangalore (quite ironical, eh?) and will move to Indira Nagar this weekend. Yippie 100 Ft Road & Koramangala with all the Restaurants and stores, here I come!
Had an argument with my by-the-rules teacher mother today about the importance of doing homework. I argued against the sanctity of schoolwork which she obviously found unforgivable, being a teacher. It was a funny debate and out of respect to my mom, I am not going to elaborate.
Last night, I noticed N read my blog. I know he goes through it once in a while, but it felt quite odd to watch him read my ramblings although he knows most of my thoughts. Hmmm...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kaaradiya Nombu

Mum called Friday evening, to remind me to celebrate, (rather, do the cursory pooja at least!!) on Saturday evening. Since I am housebound with baby, my friend V enthusiastically agreed to get the nombu sharadu's for both of us, while I, with equal vigour agreed to make the adai/kozhakattais! Little did either of us remember that we stayed in the boondocks and not anywhere close to civilisation or Malleshwaram!

My mum promptly sent me recipes for the adai by email, which she seems to be perfecting (the email i.e.) Thanks mom.

So when I was in the midst of stirring the maavu mixture, V called to say she couldn't find the sharadu anywhere in this gaon, not even the Vaishnavite temple around the corner where they offered poonals instead!! So Whatever!!!!!!

So, we aborted the elaborate pooja plan, made our respective sweets and ate them! The sweet adai came out awesome, if I may say so myself.

Sweet adai/kozhakattai:

1 cup rice flour
3/4 cup powdered/grated jaggery
1/4 cup coconut ( I used a mixture of grated and chopped coconut for an interesting texture)
1 tsp elaichi/ cardamom powder
3 tbsp chauli/karamani/black eyed beans
2-2 1/2 cups hot water

Roast the karamani in a tsp of oil till it starts browning. Keep aside
Roast the rice till it turns reddish and keep aside
Boil the water in a heavy bottomed pan or kadai. Add everything except the roast rice. The rice should be added little by little and stirred briskly to prevent lumps. Once all the rice is added, simmer for a minute so that everything is mixed well. The result should be a thick paste. Let this mixture cool.

Then dab some oil on your palms and make mini rolls from this mixture- almost similar to tiny sausages ( appalling comparison, I know). Then steam this roll in the cooker on idli plates for 10-12 mins. Voila! Your adai is ready to be gobbled with a glob of vennai or unsalted butter as a dip!

P.S.: Amma, We did the whole pooja properly, except for tying the threads! Sorry about that.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Month 1!!

Its Friday the thirteenth again, though not in an eerie way, as today Baby Boy Blue completes a month! Happy 1 Month, sweet baby with the most amazing baby smell, that I can't stop inhaling.
You brought fresh joy to our life and changed our way of thinking... about a lot of things. Our next phase in life starts anew with you.. just like your sister transformed our life a few years ago!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Holi Hai!!

Oddly, the whole piece I had written about my dislike of Holi disappeared as if by magic when iwas trying to format the piece...hmmm, maybe a message in there for me! So instead of trying to trash the festival, I am going to go the peace route and wish anyone and everyone who does believe in it and enjoys playing with colours, a Happy and Colourful Holi!