Friday, February 27, 2009

Bittersweet Fridays!

Today is Friday 26th February 2009.

Today my adorable baby boy Advait is 2 weeks old and has already settled into our heart and our lives like he was there forever.

Today is also 2 months since Appa left us. 7 exact weeks after he died my baby boy blue came smiling into this world. Those 7 weeks started at a very horrible low and ended with love and hope with Advait entering our lives.

And every Friday now, starts with my recalling the weeks that have passed since both events happened... Fridays will never be the same, especially this year!

I don't really know about time and wounds healing being true as yet as I fluctuate between being philosophical and still in denial about my dad.... And everytime I speak to N about him, he consoles me by insisting that Addie (blame my cousin AK for the nick that has stuck!!) will fulfil Appa's unfulfilled dreams.

Thats a tall order to follow Addie... your grandpa was a special person with loads of capacity to love.... I wish you luck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Facebook v/s Orkut

I rediscovered Facebook today after just adding on a profile and sending the random greetings all this while. I have been using ORKUT all this while, but man, FB is so much cooler! So now, its tata ORKUT, hello Facebook!
The fb interface is far more fun and you can keep tabs on whats happening with everyone so much easier!

Monday, February 02, 2009

My world last weekend

Today started with Monday morning blues for Anan at school. The minute she starts asking why she needs to go to school, red warning alerts start sounding in our heads. Had to coax, cajole and almost threaten her at the school gate before she went in. Poor thing, she has so much more fun, exposure, attention and stimulation at home that I can imagine the school, as good as it is, doesn't stand a chance!

So what did we do last weekend? All three of us went for a sleepover to Srid's place in Thiruvanmiyur primarily to give the in-laws a break...from all of us. Had nice yummy dinner, played Monopoly, and slept late just to be woken up by the sun rays glaring thru the east facing windows at an ungodly hour of the morning. Wish I had the foresight to darken the room before going to bed. But fresh air nut that I am, it would have been impossible to close all avenues of oxygen!!! Anan, who was initially miffed that her boring parents were intruding in her space by coming along for the sleepover to athai's place, decided to sleep between Srid and Rags, to give the sleepover the authenticity we disrupted!!!

I slept most of Sunday, haven't slept so long in forever- slept for 2 hours after every few hours and woke up wide awake at 6 pm ready to paint the town red!!

Been planning to watch Abhiyum Naanum for a while.. actually we plan each evening, but never end up going. Aishwarya, who plays Trisha's mom in the movie was N's classmate at school eons ago.

Need to actually start buying stuff for the baby, but my mind is totally fuzzy and I haven't a clue where to begin! Sigh!!!!!

Bump tales

Chatted this morning with a close friend of mine, who is a few weeks ahead of me in the preg calendar... lucky her! She is almost due anyday now.

I was so kicked about the lack of MS (for the un-initiated, morning sickness) the first two trimesters, that my morning rushed run to the sink is quite the anti-climax. Unfortunately this also seems to coincide with the same time Anan brushes her teeth. Poor child! I hope I have not put her off pregnancy- she finds its alternately revolting and pitiable! And has decided that kickoo baby, as she has named her sibling, is solely responsible by kicking away all the time! And Anan in mummy's tummy was ladoo baby.

Time for a bit of a moan- about the swollen feet and hands and bump and everything else... about the back ache and sleeplessness and crankyness and moodiness and about wearing the ugliest, shapeless clothes every designed!

I have this sudden craving for thin crust pizza and a yummy pastry... hmm I need to convince N to tag along ..RIGHT NOW!!!