Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Daddy Strongest!

A year ago, I wrote about how my grandfather's death was extremely upsetting and took me a while to get over it. I can't even believe how naive I was in imagining it to be the worst experience of my life...

A year later, I am unable to even frame my thoughts as I try to get over the sudden death of my dad! My father, and not alive anymore?????? Can it even be possible? Though I was there holding on as his harsh breathing gave way to an eerie silence.... and my part of the world that comprised my parents, sister and me and all our memories just toppled!

I must have been 4 when I remember insisting we walk to the local train station though my parents wanted to take an auto... My dad, good naturedly would grumble saying that 5 mins after we started on our way, I would started moaning about my legs hurting and he would have to carry me all the way. Despite my promises about walking by myself, his prediction would come true and I would be hoisted on his strong broad shoulders! This episode was to be repeated most weekends for a few years till we bought our car! And now, years later, I get the strongest feeling of deja vu each time this story is played out again, only this time by my daughter and husband!
I have had the support of those same broad shoulders throughout my life literally and figuratively, even after his paralytic stroke 4 years ago paralysed his left side. He fought the doctor's grim prognosis and was on his feet in no time, proving where there is a will, there is most definitely a way.

I am most definitely going to miss him, as will my sister and mum.... and all of us for different reasons. He was definitely the rock of the family and his untimely, unwarranted departure from our lives leaves a wound that hopefully only time will soothe away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Growing up 1

Just found an old drawing of Anan's which she did at 3 1/2 yrs.

Its a picture of Amma, Appa and Anan at the park, with Anan sitting on Appa's back! I remember us being stunned at her portrayal of the scene and being very proud of her. Less than 2 years down the line, her drawings have become very refined and creative. Looks like she definitely has a good share of the artistic gene from her paternal thatha!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


When I was pregnant with Anan, life was very blissful. We had just set up home in Bangalore and my days were spent doing totally useless things like getting new curtains and bath mats and arranging stuff in our apartment. Of course, in my attempts to impress as a new wife, I kept inviting family/friends over for dinners and spent hours slaving over 100 dishes for 4 people! End result- food was perfect, but my back and feet hurt like hell, especially in the last trimester and I couldn't wait for everyone to leave so I could go to bed! Bottom line- I didn't enjoy the fruits of my labour (pun intended!).
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the entire 40 weeks of my pregnancy and savoured every moment of pampering and TLC from both sides of the family who were just waiting for their first grandchild to make her grand entrance!

Six years down the line, I am definitely older and wiser, not to mention heavier!! And travelling as much this time around.. And definitely not entertaining like a lunatic the way I did the first time around! However, looking back at the last 6 months, where did the time go? It was just yesterday in July when we called family to share the "good news"....and now suddenly just another 3 months to go...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes!

The one person most excited about having a new baby is Anan. She was the first person we told, stressing that it should be kept a secret for a while.

But promptly that same evening, when our neighbour's daughter came over to babysit, Anan whispered in her ear- "My mummy has a secret in her tummy, but I can't tell you what it is!!" Definitely wasn't a secret for much longer...

Its interesting how kids have the most funny thoughts, at least according to us.  Anan now knows that when a mummy and daddy want a baby, they get married. So she was totally confused about how the baby could be born if mum and dad didn't get married again! Not being sure how to address that concern, we gave her the most evasive replies. 

She has also decided that its her baby that is just growing in Mummy's tummy!! Therefore, it follows that Anan doesn't have to ever get married because she already has a baby!! Truly, go figure!