Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A week of solitude?

Anan went off with her dad for a week to London. The house has been so quiet without her constant chatter and laughter that I can't wait for her to get back tomorrow.

She was like a cat on a tin roof, thats how excited she was about travelling. So when we told a couple of friends about her trip, the standard set of questions were:

a. What about her school?
Ans: What about it?

b. Won't she miss it?
Ans: I don't think she will miss it even one little bit.

c. How will she cope?
Ans: Cope with what? The school system that lays emphasis only on whether a child can write complete sentences in cursive? Whether she has complete grasp over multiplication and division by age 6?

What I would like to know is how her school will cope with a child who is well travelled, knows a smattering of languages and has a good grasp of geography, time zone difference, understands different world religions by observation, I could go on. Probably ignore this and continue to treat her just like another student. And this is what I could expect from a Montessori school!!

2. How will her dad take care of her?
Ans: The same way he takes care of her back home. For god's sake, he is her dad and an involved one at that. And she is a very easy to manage, smart kid.

Anyway, getting back to her trip, I think the one reason she has been so excited about going, is that there won't be mom to nag her about her eating, clothes, etc, etc...

So what has she been up to in the last few days? She has cajoled her dad into buying her a fairy princess gown with a tiara and shoes to match and has been wearing it all the time. Full paisa vasool on the purchase! She got herself a new wardrobe and looks like a total doll in it.

She saw the SA - New Zealand cricket match at Lord's las evening, though she was apparently more interested in watching the cheerleaders prancing about. Hmm, inspiration for the future, I wonder?

Managed to go on the London Eye and play in her favourite park next to it. Feigned interest in the waxworks at Madame Tussauds, but thankfully she was as uninterested in exploring it as we have been in the past. Too tacky and touristy!!

Today N plans to take her flying with him and hopefully have a fly for a bit too. Interestingly, there is not minimum age to learn how to fly. I am sure her dad can't wait to teach his kids flying.

I know you are having a great time baby, but your mum's missing you a bit too much.

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