Monday, February 02, 2009

Bump tales

Chatted this morning with a close friend of mine, who is a few weeks ahead of me in the preg calendar... lucky her! She is almost due anyday now.

I was so kicked about the lack of MS (for the un-initiated, morning sickness) the first two trimesters, that my morning rushed run to the sink is quite the anti-climax. Unfortunately this also seems to coincide with the same time Anan brushes her teeth. Poor child! I hope I have not put her off pregnancy- she finds its alternately revolting and pitiable! And has decided that kickoo baby, as she has named her sibling, is solely responsible by kicking away all the time! And Anan in mummy's tummy was ladoo baby.

Time for a bit of a moan- about the swollen feet and hands and bump and everything else... about the back ache and sleeplessness and crankyness and moodiness and about wearing the ugliest, shapeless clothes every designed!

I have this sudden craving for thin crust pizza and a yummy pastry... hmm I need to convince N to tag along ..RIGHT NOW!!!

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Harini said...

don't you miss you sister who'd let you hug her and would also massage your legs and feet! don't ya?