Friday, February 27, 2009

Bittersweet Fridays!

Today is Friday 26th February 2009.

Today my adorable baby boy Advait is 2 weeks old and has already settled into our heart and our lives like he was there forever.

Today is also 2 months since Appa left us. 7 exact weeks after he died my baby boy blue came smiling into this world. Those 7 weeks started at a very horrible low and ended with love and hope with Advait entering our lives.

And every Friday now, starts with my recalling the weeks that have passed since both events happened... Fridays will never be the same, especially this year!

I don't really know about time and wounds healing being true as yet as I fluctuate between being philosophical and still in denial about my dad.... And everytime I speak to N about him, he consoles me by insisting that Addie (blame my cousin AK for the nick that has stuck!!) will fulfil Appa's unfulfilled dreams.

Thats a tall order to follow Addie... your grandpa was a special person with loads of capacity to love.... I wish you luck!


Harini said...

R.C dreads Fridays and the last week of the month...
But time heals even the deepest wounds. :)

Vidya said...

Time does heal... but it takes a LOT of time... sitting and havinga nice long read :D keep writing